Hidraulic Tiles

Hidraulic tiles are made of compressed cement with hydraulic presses, which gives them a great resistance and solidity.

In addition to their strength, these tiles are characterized by their versatility. With a wide variety of designs in natural colors, the installation of hydraulic tiles is suitable both for interior and exterior. High quality mineral pigments and hardening elements are used in the top layer of the tiles.

Instalación de suelo hidráulico

Hydraulic Floor Installation

At the moment these type of hydraulic tiles are really demanded, mainly in the renovation of houses in the district of Santa Catalina in Palma de Mallorca. To give a new look to a home without the need for work, we also offer the option of high quality vinyl floor rugs that faithfully reproduce the design of an hydraulic floor.

Alfombras de vinilo imitando suelo hidráulico

Vinyl carpets imitating hydraulic floor

MODERNIST HERITAGE: Over a hundred years ago, a new sense of harmony filled the home environment with light, color and attractive shapes. The traditional hydraulic floors and tiles represented good taste, personalization and aesthetic sensibility. Today we recover that spirit with a contemporary version of the unforgettable hydraulic tiles of Modernism. Classic carpets Hidraulik. History , comfort and design.