Aluminum and PVC carpentry

Tecnics offer includes a wide range of products, the company provides transport of the elements and their installation. Our Carpentry Technicians will offer you several options for choosing the perfect type of windows in  PVC, aluminium or steel for your homes.

  • PVC windows are the cheapest alternative for your home windows, due to their price and minimum maintenance. Softer and flexible than aluminum are  manufactured and installed more easily. They have a lower coefficient of thermal conductivity, and have less condensation, which means that it retains heat better in the room .There are many colour choices (from wood imitation colour to any another.) PVC joinery requires minimal maintenance and no painting is needed.
  • Aluminium windows are extremely durable and strong and are suitable for homes with modern design and they are used for homes with large glazed elements. Aluminium is resistant to fire and earthquake, and is also resistant to large temperature differences. Support is hardly necessary, as long as it is made with good quality system and by a well established manufacturer. There are no restrictions for the colours, used for such frames.
  • Steel stainless windows are universally praised for their incomparable strength, durability, and unparalleled aesthetic value. The main advantage to steel windows is that they are very strong. As a result, glass area can be maximized since window parts can be made extremely thin. Steel windows form the face of a home and with their slim appearance they contribute charm, style and elegance.